Tips for Changing Your Room

11 June 2021

You wake up in the morning and are not satisfied with the energy and appearance of your room? Wouldn't you like your rooms look like to those beautiful rooms you see in magazines? Do a furniture detox first! Get rid of things that do not serve you and lighten up. Decide on the mode you desire. Romantic, Boho, minimalist or modern? You can start with your curtains. Choose your fabric and color range! A neutral color change will change the whole energy of your room. For example, you will see how the combination of pastel tones with whites will provide peace and calm. If you like vintage floral patterns, you can make the atmosphere of your room romantic with a few details such as pillows, throw pillows and a lampshade. Don't forget to add soft pastel tones with the colors in the flower pattern! One of the easiest ways to turn the energy of the room into positive is the combination of white and blue. The combination of these two tones gives the room freshness and peace. Plants are our soul; we all want to connect with nature and unite with nature. We will bring the nature in our homes by placing plants in our rooms. You could also pick a striped pattern if you want your room to be energetic and dynamic.