My Favorites of Scandinavian Style -1-

7 July 2021

The plain and simple life principles of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark have always appealed to me. After Ikea Store opened in our country, we saw the reflection of this style in all houses and we continue to see it. This brand added a different perspective to furniture. Just like you buy your trendy products from Zara, you also buy your furniture from this brand and when the new season product launches, the product you bought for your home starts to look old to you. Nowadays, it is debatable how good this trend is in terms of sustainability. As you know, there is nobody better than the human race when it comes to ruthlessly exploiting the resources of our world.

How much the new generations focus on the issue of world resources is questionable (except Greta Thunberg ). I do not think all world brands’ effort of  confessing is enough. I could write about it all day.