How did Gifted Design start?

10 February 2021

Gifted literally means very talented, was born with talents, has God given talents.
After working as a designer and manager in corporate life for years, I discovered an area where I can use all my experience and creativity. We started out with the motto "Sky is the Limit in Creativity", thinking about what we can do together with my friend who is outstanding in digital arts. While thinking about what our brand name will be, we decided to merge with Gifted, a company founded in 2003, operating in Dubai, owned by another narcissist friend of ours like us. Obviously the name just fitted like a glove!
So, what do we aim to do in Gifted? What we want to do and do now with pleasure is to turn people's dreams, stories, even the most absurd fantasies into reality; to turn their living spaces from soulless places to fabulous places. In this context, using the blessings of technology, "Customized Wallpaper Crafted by Artists" is drawn digitally by our narcissist and talented team and is printed with the latest technology UV digital printing machines and applied on the surfaces. 
By the way, we do not make so called “Customized Wallpaper” by downloading images from Shutterstock with copy-paste and add-remove method as everyone else does. Let's underline this boldly.
There is no need for humility, even if we are copied, we are the source of the work. No problem.