Decoration Tips

18 May 2021

Many of us could not have beautifully decorated homes when we were students. Especially those of millennial and X generations will remember our homes. Our chairs were from Aunt Ayşe, our coffee table was from Uncle Mehmet, and our dining table was looking like a picnic table. We dream of a more elegant place to become our own home when we graduate and start working. We take care to put together beautiful pieces slowly and patiently. As we get older, the meaning of being able to make these dreams come true is unique. The aim of all of us is to create a space with beautiful energy, in which we feel comfortable and peaceful. Our homes should reflect us.

My most sensitive point is "My Mirrors". I will put and put mirrors in every room that can reflect light and enlarge the place. Carpets are also always important. If the size is small, your money was not enough to buy the bigger one; if it is large, it gives the effect of inheritance. You place your furniture according to the size of the carpet. When it comes to furniture, choose those made from natural materials. Wood and marble are materials that will serve you for a lifetime. Vintage pieces we inherit from our family or buy from a vintage shop are always timeless. Make room for them in your home too. But remember to keep it simple.